Search Engine Marketing


Marketing has been central to selling products and services that need a little nudging for the PoS or there is competition in the market between different brands providing same value. In the physical world, there are billboards on the roads at crossings or alongside highways. They can be targeted to a certain extent but still are exposed to variety of viewers. While in the digital world, with the help of knowledge provided by a specific user w.r.t. their need, targeted ads can be pushed to prospective buyers. These are mostly on top of SERPs or filling margins on a webpage. Search engine ads aka pay-per-clicks (ppc) can be either text-only or product listing ads (PLAs aka shopping ads). Visual appeal and relevant content in the form of keywords are crucial for a successful search engine marketing (SEM) campaign.

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Search engine result pages (SERPs) are the outcome of a search query on a search engine, which was matching the keywords on some webpages, and the algorithms presented these pages in the order of assessed relevance. These results cater to the evergreen traffic from top of the funnel. But the bottom of the funnel also establishes contact with hot prospects when they visit these webpages, and are ready to buy the instant a relevant ad is displayed.

What is SEM?

SEM is an interesting way of driving traffic to the place they can materialise their keyword search. It involves website owner earning some bucks from businesses for driving traffic to them through paid advertising. SEM was earlier used for paid as well as free advertising in the form of SEO, but is now exclusively used in the reference of paid marketing.

Search Engine Marketing Services

Due to the presence of a robust delivery network, products and services can now be sold across borders, be it virtual or physical. But pandemic has shown that hyperlocal delivery is undoubtedly the best type of service in the fast-paced and interdependent world we live in. This is why having a local search engine marketing consultant helps leverage their expertise and experience in the local area to exploit the behaviour of users.

SEM Marketing Strategy

People are always looking for different products and services online. This is a great opening for introducing to them a service provider from whom they’ll be happy to buy as per the price level and ratings. Search engine marketing gives relevant information about a thing that is a solution to the search query, which in turn leads to the transaction/conversion. As simple as this seems, coming up with a comprehensive strategy for digital marketing that utilizes all the components such as SEM, SEM and SMM well can be tricky. Although it’s best to aim for an organic traffic in the long-term through brand loyalty from good quality, a balance of paid and non-paid options of marketing needs to be struck at times to stay in the competition. A good SEM strategy involves having a number of target audience based on whom the expected ROI can be calculated. The same can be compared at the time of actual results. It can be a hit and trial at time which means the spends and respective conversions need to be analyzed in real-time to affect change as and when required. Search keywords are the fundamentals of SEM as they initiate the process for search engine marketing. So, it’s important to have representative list of keywords describing the business and the words expected to be used by prospective customers. These also need to updated with changing trends. Employing or outsourcing the digital marketing task to a search engine marketing company with a budget helps businesses focus on their core operations while letting the consultant use their competency for smart SEM.